Degen Wallet Infrastructure

Scarab is a comprehensive trading platform SDK utilizing a non-custodial wallet and passkey security solution. Enhance your project with Scarab’s fast and secure trading capabilities for a new era in digital asset management.

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Portfolio Management

Manage your positions at-a-glance with aggregated balances across all of your wallets. Buy and sell tokens with just a couple of clicks, all with MEV protection.

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New Token Listings

Stay ahead of the game with real-time updates on new token deployments, deployer insights, contract analysis, and the ability to set up buy orders for instant sniping upon launch.

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Live Stats

Stay informed with our live stats! Real-Time updates on token prices, trades, liquidity, and more, empowering you to make informed trades with the freshest data.

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Star iconOUR TOKENStar icon$DUNG

Fee discounts, premium features, and private alpha groups.

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Buy Back Program

20% of all taxes and trade fees generated will be utilized for token buybacks.

Half of these buybacks (50%) will be allocated to bolstering the liquidity of $DUNG, with an equal share of tokens and ETH being added to the liquidity pool.

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0 Tokens
1% fee on all swaps, maximum 1 wallet, minimal features

25,000 Tokens
1% fee on all swaps, maximum 1 wallet, access to full dashboard and some upcoming features

500,000 Tokens
0.5% fee on all swaps, unlimited wallets, access to all upcoming features

1,250,000 Tokens
0% fee on all swaps, unlimited wallets, access to special group with other holders in this tier, prioritized support and feature requests

Star iconSCARABStar iconROADMAP

Scarab's ultimate vision is to become an all-encompassing portfolio manager, seamlessly integrating with other protocols on-chain. Our ambitious goal is to empower users to interact effortlessly across various platforms, from DEXes and NFT marketplaces to perps protocols, lending, staking, and beyond, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined crypto trading experience.

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Account Abstraction

Once implemented users will no longer need to provide their private keys to use Scarab. By using session keys, traders can approve a transaction to activate seamless trading on Scarab. Once the session ends, the key becomes invalid, ensuring security over your funds.

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Limit Orders

Set parameters based on total gain, price, or market cap! Execute precise and strategic transactions that align perfectly with your trading goals, enhancing your overall trading experience like never before.

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Telegram Bot

Complementing our web-based platform, we aim to extend the reach of Scarab's user-friendly trading and portfolio management solutions.

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One button to open a chart for all your holdings. Make instant decisions with simple buy and sell buttons for every position.


Star iconSCARABStar iconHISTORY

Scarab was brought to life by a passionate full-time trader and degen with a knack for sniping new Uniswap launches, starting back in mid-2020.

The journey towards Scarab's evolution began in January 2023 when we embarked on developing a sniper bot for personal use. We wanted a bot that could not only snipe liquidity adds on block 0 but would also allow effortless manual buys and sells of existing tokens.


Star iconABOUTStar iconTHE TEAM

Our core team features two full-time developers each with over 5 years experience in the crypto industry, and a dedicated project/community manager.

We strongly believe in the power of our community and welcome active engagement in our official Telegram channels. Your valuable feedback is instrumental in our journey to constantly elevate and refine Scarab, creating the ultimate platform for all your crypto endeavors.

The team


Our goal is to provide our users with the best possible trading experience. For more in-depth questions on using our platform please read through our documentation or reach out to us in our official Telegram channels where we will be more than happy to assist you!

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